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chrome wire shelving


Home Shelving is an online retailer specialising in storage and furniture design solutions. Home Shelving is part of the SEC Group with head offices in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Home shelving has been developed to cater for the ever growing need for modern day home storage and design focused furniture solutions. The need for quality affordable storage space is paramount in todays home environment. In addition, the growing and fast moving need for home office solutions reiterates the reason for continued development within this specialist area.

Popular choice for stockrooms, kitchens and schools.

1800mm high, with 4 shelves
Quick and easy to build
Hardwearing chrome finish shelves let light through
Will not harbour dust
Extension may be added at 90º to form space efficient corners
Loading from 100kg up to 300kg
Set of 4 75mm rubber tyred castors (max load 100kg per set), CASZD-3S – £27.15 extra

Shelf Dimensions
W x D (mm) Starter Bay Extension Bay Extra Shelf
Model Price (£) Model Price (£) Model Price (£)
910 x 450 L71.459/4 £113.09 L71.459/4A £105.94 LW459 £20.23
1200 x 450 L71.4512/4 £135.70 L71.4512/4A £128.56 LW4512 £25.83
1500 x 450 L71.4515/4 £174.99 L71.4515/4A £167.85 LW4515 £35.59
900 x 600 L71.69/4 £146.43 L71.69/4A £139.28 LW69 £26.55
1200 x 600 L71.612/4 £164.28 L71.612/4A £157.14 LW612 £32.98
1500 x 600 L71.615/4 £205.95 L71.615/4A £198.80 LW615 £43.44






chrome wire shelving

chromewire shelving
chrome wire shelving system