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About Us

We are happy being a small company as we believe we are in a position to work closely with our clients to maximise their website requirements and they can trust us and get to know us on a personal level so that we can gain an understanding of the clients business and then put together a package that best suits each individual. Some of our clients require many pages of website content because they sell such a vast range of products whilst others just need to let the world know of the service they offer, either way we are here to advise the best way forward.
The beauty of a website is that, unlike print, you are not stuck with the final product and other pages can be added and taken away as circumstances change.

Wherever possible we will meet with you to discuss your requirements but many of our clients are happy to just send us files via e mail and let us build the sites for them, whilst others have much more of a definite design in mind and that is where meeting to discuss the way forward is more beneficial.

We are also happy to work with companies that already run their own websites, as there are occasional ‘add on items’ such as multimedia, video or audio that we can produce for clients with existing websites.